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Cognos Analytics - Driven by AI!
Client managed or IBM Hosted/Managed (Saas)

COGNOS provides: Smarter, self-service data analysis capabilities. Plus. Enterprise wide Business Intelligence with Security and Data Governance.

Leverage your data across the organization


  • Easily create Dashboards, Reports

  • Simple to use: AI/Natural Language

  • Pixel Perfect Reporting

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Same experience, Desktop or Mobile

  • Includes world-class Enterprise BI features

  • Simple,consistent User Experience

Deployment options: Client hosted or IBM Managed

IBM Managed : Cognos/SaaS. Benefits:

  • Hosted/managed by IBM

  • IBM Infrastructure

  • Full IBM Tech support

  • Backups/Restores

  • Access all data-sources (cloud/on-prem)

  • Maintenance/scheduled upgrades

  • Enterprise scalability

  • IBMs full Reporting/Dashboard and AI platform

Time to Value ||  Focus on BI projects  ||
Offload CA deployment and management to IBM.

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