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Business Intelligence (BI) Readiness Assessment

Request a no-charge BI Readiness Assessment


Our team recommends that any organization considering a BI deployment first conduct a formal "Business Intelligence Readiness Assessment". The time taken to understand project goals, potential benefits and readiness of the organization will help you achieve a strong ROI. The outcome of an assessment can also help provide a checklist of next steps to move your project forward.

Part of an assessment should include documenting your long and short-term analytics roadmap, your existing technical platform, user community requirements, and your data. 

The Sterling team has worked with many organizations that are starting their BI Journey, and we can work with your team as well. ​


See below for what is covered:

During our assessment process, we cover:


  • Assistance in defining the overall project goals

  • Recognizing the potential ROI

  • Resourcing requirements of the organization

  • Potential technical requirements 

  • Review of existing data sources 

  • Cloud vs On-premise vs SaaS implications

Review of the following BI features vs. organization/user needs:

  • Real-time reporting 

  • Automated reporting  (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly)

  • Interactive Dashboards (e.g. for Senior Managers)

  • Self-service Analytics

  • Data Prep

  • AI/ML integration

  • Security

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